Welcome To South Texas Retail

Over the years, many chains have tried to establish themselves in South Texas. From grocery stores like Albertsons and Kroger, discount stores like Kmart and Woolco, department stores like Montgomery Wards and Mervyns, restaurant chains such as Carl's Jr. and Sizzler, and even South Texas based chains such as Solo Serve and Builders Square have all come and gone from the region.

I've created this blog to document all of those former chains in the area with info on their history and why they failed along with lists of those locations and original pictures of what they look like today.

Unlike most blogs, there won't be any posts, rather the content will be on pages with updates happening whenever I get the chance to update an existing page or add a new page. Existing pages can be accessed from the sidebar on the right (desktop only) or from the list below with new pages being added anytime.

I hope the information I provide can help you learn more about the retail history of South Texas!!


Lists so far: